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Slutty MILF British housewife with too much time on her hands and spends all day blogging, tweeting and playing with myself on webcam. Love teasing men. Flashing them my knickers. Which are usually wet. Enjoy being a real exhibitionist

I’m not into extreme or hard BDSM, just a spanking and some good hard sex. With lots of teasing and foreplay.

I’m married but often play away from home. I prefer married men. But I have some man I also play on webcam with. Discreet single men are usually who I end up camming with. But like to also spend lots of time chatting, flirting and teasing on my own on webcam.

I spend way too much time online. Blogging, tweeting and re posting lots of sexy stuff on Tumblr. Which I do a LOT of masturbating over. I masturbate way to much. Often hours a day. I probably masturbate over porn, or with chatting men online maybe 5-10 times a day. I am very highly sexed.

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