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I am a slutty young tramp, love to talk filth and post filth. I like sex and anything kinky. I am very up front and load and talk like a slut.

So if you are easily offended or of a nervous disposition I would suggest not adding me as a friend. If you are a filthy cunt then feel free to add me. No need to message me first.

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I am into lots of kinks, not all of them at the same time, sometimes for example, I might want to get spanked, next week I might want to be pissed on but am not into spanking. Then a week later I might want both. Get the idea?

I am forever evolving and just seem to get dirtier all the time. Also I spend all day posting filth on twitter tumblr and anywhere else I can find.

I am an individual and not one to follow the crowed. So for example I often have a very hairy cunt, where all my friends are shaved bald like porn stars. Sometimes I might shave my cunt, just depends on MY mood, not yours.ids

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