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Im a sub looking for a master. I love to serve and am into most things not into picture collecting if you are genuine get in touch. A dom not a wannabe.

I am happy to add anyone as a friend. But please only message me if you fit what I am after. I have been forced to add the following. Do not message me, asking how I am, or asking if you can add me, or if you a 22 year old from India wanting to be my master. I will now block any idiots sending me stupid messages

I prefer more mature men. With decent sized cocks. Alpha males, but not rude and arrogant. If your profile says “switch” we are not going to be suited.

I am happy to travel, but not really to the ends of the country. So Sussex, Surrey and Kent or London. No further.

I enjoy spanking, rough sex, dressing up, watersports, breeding (At my discretion). Cum in my mouth. Swallowing (At my discretion). Rimming (At my discretion). Caning, collaring, public sex, dressing up, bondage.

Outside the bedroom I like social networks, shopping, drawing, horse riding and traveling abroad.

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