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Originally from the czech republic I am now living in London. Which is now my home.

I am a part time model, usually modeling stockings, tights and knickers and various other lingerie and fetish gear.

But I love lots of other fetishes, from being spanked to a good hard vanilla fuck. I especially love men cumming on my face and over my glasses. hence the name Spunky Specs

I will be posting pictures and videos on here, from various shoots.

Add me as a friend if you want to see my pictures and videos, I don’t go in for to much chat, though you can often find me on twitter rambling on.

Also also sell my used panties and nylons. If you want some please put that in your message subject otherwise it may not be read.

While I love the look of a sexy secretary I am also intrigued by the more conservative look of a female businessperson. I am thinking of a banker or corporate executive who wears very conservative dark blue dresses and is very conservative and professional in her business demeanor. There is something about that look that is very exciting, especially thinking of getting her out of that blue suit and across your knee.

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