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I love being dominated on line, its so much safer, I love showing my body on line alone and having sex. Love to talk to and share my cam with like minded people, male and/or female.

I am an exhibitionist, not a whore (well, I guess sometimes I’m a whore), so please don’t go asking me to come fuck you because you see I live within a reasonable distance from me.  But just because I love showing my myself with you all, doesn’t mean I want to fuck everyone on my list.

On that note, I do play on webcam privately or make picture requests for people. But just like anyone, I gotta make money. For a cam show, I do ask for money. I love playing on webcam, but I do love money too. I also can be seen on some cam sites playing for credits/tokens/what-have-you. Sure, call me a virtual prostitute, but not to my face and certainly not when I am on webcam.


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