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I have a massive amount of clothes to wear on webcam, from schoolgirl uniforms to PVC clothes, lots of lingerie and loads and loads of pairs of panties, the selection below is just a small selection of clothes I have and can wear. I have loads more, just ask me what you want me to dress up for you in on webcam and I almost certainly have it.

Bratty Essex slut. Not VERY submissive but do deserve a good spanking sometimes.

I like both dom men and sub men. Older men mainly.

Love sugar daddies and will be a whore to the right rich man

I am still exploring the kink world and only know so much …. I know that I and more of a switch with a lot of submissive tendencies.

My ideal result of being on here: learning more and more about my sexuality, exploring a new and unique part of myself, and finding a great mate.

The ideal guy would be a Daddy dom… someone very nurturing and giving. Someone who takes control and lets me relax. Who makes me feel safe and nurtured.

Ladies : I love making friends and I try hard to not judge anyone… so don’t hesitate to contact me either!

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