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I’m sure was put on this earth to display myself to people who want to see me naked

Likewise I’m sure I’m here to be sexually used by anyone who wants to

Apart from exhibitionism, I enjoy all sorts of sane adult play from vanilla too wild. We are big into swinging and dogging both as a couple and also on our own. I often go dogging or to swinging events when my husband is away and he loves it!

We are a young couple who have been together for 8 years and are ready to truly explore kinky sexual experiences. We are not looking for anything serious. We are happy with our relationship and just looking to spice it up. We are interested in another female or possible couple to play with us.

Being an exhibitionist I prefer it even more if photography is involved. Still camera or video camera

Would like to model nude for an artist or photographer

Willing to meet women or men, single, couples or groups

Although I am sexually more interested in men, I am really keen to have more sexual involvement with women

Although I am sexually promiscuous I am very careful and only engage in safe sex

On cam I either play alone or again with my husband if he is around.

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