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Sister in Croydon loves clubbing, dancing and men, Kinky sex. Also like twitter, tumblr, facebook and now camming 🙂 I am naughty camgirl that loves to please, im into almost everything i love to explore new things. Im 5’10”, 21 years old, love to have fun. I sometimes cam with another girl. I’d love to make friends, both male and female 🙂 Ask me anything!! And I will accept all friend requests!

I like to try to be different too. I like wearing corsets and nipple pasties. Its harder to move around, can’t do as much stuff freely, but i always wear my corset to sleep and i like to cam til im ready for bed. My profile picture is outdoors because i feel like everyone elses are indoors. If it wasnt cold where im at i would cam outdoors.

If you are a hung white or black man in or around Croydon or London and have ever had your cock sucked in a pub toilet by a stranger, then it was probably me!

If you like partying hard, and have a nice fat cock, I’m probably gonna be interested.

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